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Dialogue About Expressing Blaming

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Dialogue About Expressing Blaming

Ita          :       Hey, you.  stop!
Vita        :       what is it?
Ita          :       You are to blame for  steel my earphone.
Vita        :       I’m not. I don’t do that.
Ita          :       but everybody in class said you do that.  You have to be responsible for this!
Vita        :       prove it. I will change your earphone if you can prove it.
Ita          :       ok. I will.
1.       What the dialogue about?
ð  About Ita that blame Vita steel her earphone.
2.       What expression is use in this dialogue?
3.       what response from Vita when Ita accuse her ?
ð  she said that she don’t do that.

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